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Cry As You Die Because You Know You Still Want Her

She Can Hypnotize With Her Evil Eyes

16 January
anal sex, anarchy, bam margera, bass guitar, big cock, biting, black eyeliner, blasphemy, blood, bloodlust, braids, bukkake, cats, choking, clubs, cock, columbine, cum, curses, cutting, dancing, dark skies, dave chappelle, david graham, death, degrassi, drinking, dxm, dylan klebold, ecstasy, emily the strange, eric harris, evil, face slapping, fighting, fucking, gattica, girl friends, girls, giving head, glitter, guy friends, guys, hair dye, hair pulling, harley quinn, harry potter, hello kitty, heretics, hexes, him, homestar runner, huge tits, hugging, infidelity, instruments, interracial relationships, invader zim, jack osbourne, kissing, lace, latex, leather, lightning, lipgloss, local bands, love, lust, making out, masturbation, midnight, money, mongoloids, moons, moshing, murder, murderers, my turtle ducky, necrophilia, needles, night, nightmare before christmas, oral sex, pain, parties, pentagrams, phone sex, piercings, pink, pinky:st, pizza, plastic, pleasure, poetry, ponytails, popples, porn, pot, princess mononoke, psychos, public sex, pussy, rain storms, rainbow brite, rap, rape, raves, razors, relationships, revenge, rob zombie, rock, rough sex, safety pins, sex, silver, skateboards, spanking, sparkles, spells, spikes, stalkers, stalking, stars, stealing, strawberries, straws, strong bad, suicide, summer, sunrise, sunset, tattoos, techno, the rules of attraction, the tribe, threesomes, thunder, tim burton, torture, vampires, video games, ville valo, viva la bam, whipped cream, white rabbit, winter